Save $10 On Your Next Ride!

New customers save up to $50 on their first five rides with Lyft.  Driver ratings, affordable rates & new safety features are all built into the app.  Try Lyft today!

Know The Cost Before You Ride

Simply enter your destination and Lyft’s app will do the rest. Know the fastest route, provide an arrival time, and most importantly provide you with the final price.


Safety Is Lyft's Concern

Rider safety is built right into the Lyft app.  You’ll know the driver’s name, car details, even share your ride with friends so they’ll be alerted when you arrive at your destination. 

Save Time & Money

Whether using Lyft for work or leisure your time is important.  Lyft’s network of drivers is throughout Ottawa so they match you with the closest driver so users never wait long or pay too much, even during peak periods.

Save $10 On Your Next Lyft!